Emanuele Segre

"he shaped each piece into a persuasive, atmospheric statement with technical assurance and  propulsive spontaneity"
Los Angeles Times (USA)

"he  played  with  great  rhythmic  buoyancy  and flexibility,  delicate touch and ...a  finely honed technique. He held the audience's attention closely"
The New York Times (USA)

"a musician of immense promise"
The Washington Post (USA)

"everything he  plays,  believe it  or  not,  becomes a masterpiece"
Classical Guitar (Great Britain)

"An exceptional guest... In the task of music making Emanuele Segre makes true poetry: any difficulty the instrument may have in achieving a musical flow disappears with Emanuele Segre because his pauses are rich with meaning, truly part of the music, and everything becomes a full and profound melodic arch. From this point of view, Villa-Lobos's prelude played as an encore provided a precious gift which was almost worth the entire evening"
La Stampa (Italy)

"the  execution is  lucid,  the technique  perfect, the concentration absolute, the musical intelligence subtle and alert"
Il Giornale (Italy)

"a sensitive artist who  is completely at  one with his instrument"
The Jerusalem Post (Israel)

"one of the rare talents that appear from  time to time to serve and publicise the universe of music"
Il Sole-24 Ore (Italy)

On Monday night at Tahar Haddad cultural club, classical music lovers were given a rare gift: that of a highly colourful programme of inspired music performed by one of the most distinguished virtuosos.
The music not only showed the pre-eminence of the melody but also a systematic exploration of the performer's own feelings. The interpreter injected such intensity into the music that the audience were spellbound by the magic he weaved."

Le Renouveau (Tunisia)

"Guitar with feeling and intimacy. Emanuele Segre enthused a young audience at Kammermusiksaal ...The concert hall for chamber music in the Berlin Philharmonic was filled with mostly young people. The Italian guitarist, Emanuele Segre, enchanted his audience with an appropriate mix of old and new, with aplomb and evident dedication...
'Rossiniana' by Mauro Giuliani was the occasion for Segre to demonstrate an ability to transform the guitar into an orchestra, dialoguing of two voices carefully interpreted and thundering agility. Also 'Homenaje' dedicated by De Falla to Debussy's memory was chiselled with a perfect profile, with arpeggios that stopped dramatically and suddenly; the rubatos  provided a testimony to a strong desire for expression...
In 'Pavane' by Ravel wonderful moments of beauty and intimacy were achieved. To conclude, a firework by Albeniz and Villa-Lobos - the heart that beats for the guitar could desire no more"

Der Tages Spiegel (Germany)

"regarded by many as Segovia's successor"
Corriere della Sera (Italy)

"...Emanuele Segre played with subtlety and warmth
...Mr. Segre was the brilliant accompanist in 'Romancero Gitano', a group of exquisitely harmonized settings of Lorca poetry for small chorus and guitar"
New York Times (USA)

"around him one is  impressed by  the aura  of  a great virtuoso. Bravissimo!"
Gitarre und Laute (Germany)

"...Emanuele Segre is a guitarist who wakes up the listener (and indeed he succeeds) drawing particular attention to his own repertoire... Segre does not need to seduce his public with technical tricks. As a thorough bred musician, he knows how to stage the music... It is not easy to be effective with Poulenc or Milhaud, a great persuasive strength is required to encourage the public to listen.  However, Segre does it with great success, the listeners are at his mercy!"
Gitarre und Laute (Germany)

"...A noble and thoughtful CD: Segre focuses his virtuosity on a research of timbres which amazes the listener.  How he succeeds in finding such a range of sounds on the same strings is a mystery that only his talent can explain..."
Corriere della Sera (Italy)

"...To go to the extreme limits of musical ideas, to dare to rise to all the challenges, to look for pleasure, to love the extremes: this seems to be the temperament of Emanuele Segre, the young Italian guitarist whose career continues to grow. The proof being his numerous concerts throughout the world..."
Les Cahiers de la guitare et de la musique (France)

"Segre creates an unbelievable atmosphere with the guitar ...This lyrical quality created by Emanuele Segre, who with exquisite ease knows how to distil the most diverse works by different composers through a filter of rich sensitivity, catching the minute detail... Above all, the fine art of details shows a highly intelligent interpretation as well as an exciting virtuosity, that Segre entirely devotes to enhancing every single nuance of the musical discourse"
Il Resto del Carlino (Italy)

"...We should be grateful to Emanuele Segre for recording these pieces of French music which are often known only for their titles but which deserve much more than oblivion... great vigour and perfect sensitivity at the same time, a sensitivity which we find throughout this wonderful CD..."
Les Cahiers de la guitare et de la musique (France)

"Hands of dazzling skill on the guitar ...Alongside a solid technique, Segre offers a clean sound, supported by an ability to play with good audibility allowing us to truly appreciate the subtleties of each sonata as well as exalting the musical ornamentation and cadenzas.
...La Rossiniana op. 119 puts any virtuoso to the test with passages of such difficulty that only textbook skill can meet their challenges. However, Segre is truly talented.  He can move nonchalantly through the complexity of the music, also bringing his unmistakable sensitivity which goes beyond a simple exhibition of consummate skill but offers a fresh and immediate interpretation... Not only did Segre demonstrate an elegant touch during the baroque pieces but also revealed a studied interpretation in the pieces by Villa-Lobos, De Falla and Albeniz. He brought his trademark of a personal language to all these pieces... Segre brought a sense of  living interpretation and intensity tempered with technical mastery to everything he played which was rightly recognised and applauded"

L'Unione Sarda (Italy)

"Segre, virtuoso harmonies ...Segre is a musician in love with his guitar and entrusts all his talent to those six strings. It is talent the young Emanuele has to sell. Segre is aware he can count on a technique which knows no bounds whilst his mature interpretation allows him a vast range of repertoire from virtuosistic fantasy to evocative power... Emanuele Segre is a careful interpreter, who is able to gather and evaluate every detail. Brilliant, ironic, hunted, his reading of Giuliani's Rossiniana op.119, No. 1 is like an artist's palette with colours orchestrated by mastery and intelligence... from the pages of Villa-Lobos, Segre relates worrying resonances and sweet song, exploring every shadow and every shade in this music"
La Nuova  Sardegna (Italy)

"An unforgettable concert... ...His exceptional intensity of interpretation and his technical expertise have allowed this guitarist to give the public an example of the  spell of his instrument. In the right hands the guitar can be  transformed from an instrument with a weak sound to a complete and expressive instrument, like and maybe more so than the piano... If the first part went very well with Weiss, Paganini and Scarlatti, the second half was exceptional.
Villa-Lobos and Albeniz brought Segre to the highest point of 'guitarismo'. Not everyone is able to intensify to such an extent the acute tones or the naturally delicate harmonics of the guitar  - an instrument which requires just to be touched lightly. But Emanuele Segre makes it possible, bringing his six strings to results not even dreamed"
Il Resto del Carlino (Italy)

"...virtuosity and expressive vigour, his generous colours and a sense of phrasing which maintained the emotional tension of the piece... His sense of rhythm is excellent, he is brimming with ideas of interpretation which he realised with success ...He is an authentic voice in the group of high level guitarists of the young generation..."
Les Cahiers de la Guitare et de la musique (France)

"Emanuele Segre was the guest soloist of the evening. He performed the renowned Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo. Once again, Segre demonstrated his great talent and innate musicality. Technically perfect, Segre shows he is at complete ease with the piece through the melodic and rhythmical lines. In the melancholic Adagio he conjures light and mellifluous tones. His guitar strings vibrate delicately creating a mood of intimate lyricism, without giving into sentimentality. His interpretation is clear and precise. A virtuoso yet gentle, Emanuele Segre regaled the audience an unexpected gift, the stunning Prelude by Villa-Lobos, played as encore"
Il giornale della Sicilia (Italy)

"I have a low tolerance for classical guitar playing (…), but Emanuele Segre was the man to change my mind. Not only did his performance sound terrific in the resonant small acoustic of the treasured converted Nissen hut created by his PoW countrymen.; his cleverly compiled programme was designed to sway the unconverted."
The Herald (Great Britain)


"Thanks to his musical sense, technical mastership and refinement of taste, Emanuele Segre inspires his instrument to produce a luxurious panoply of colours ... After listening for a short time, one could perceive that Segre's guitar was 'singing' every soft details, whether it was over-subtle or shaped by folklore, of Capricho catalán by Albéniz."
La natiňn (Argentina)


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